Records and Information Management for Legislators and State Agencies/Universities - Educational Materials (Updated 2017)

The Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC) identified a need for broadly disseminating
information about records management requirements at state agencies and universities. Also, the Council determined a
need for a second document to address legislators’ and legislative records. A committee of volunteers from agencies and
universities drafted the two brochures.

The brochures as well as companion information with suggestions for their use are available through the links below. These files are suitable for distribution by email or may be included on websites. A high-resolution version of the state agency/university brochure that is suitable for printing is linked below as well.

For help with information contained in the brochures or additional records management assistance and information, visit the website of the State and Local Records Management Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission at this link:

Educational materials for legislators (.pdf)

Educational materials for state agencies/universities (.pdf)

Educational materials for state agencies/universities (.pdf) [High-resolution print file]

Companion Information (.pdf)

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